Supporting Evidence for PIP

PIP assessors working for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) place much weight on medical evidence relating to the effects of conditions, especially if that is provided by a medical consultant.

In practice many claimants do not have good supporting evidence; perhaps they have lost paperwork, or they have been living with an untreatable condition for some years, or their lives are complicated or disorganised.

A list of possible supporting evidence, suggested by participants in the study and grouped by their opinion of priority is given below, with especially important items emboldened. Not all items will be relevant to all claimants.

GroupSupporting Evidence Item (Alphabetical Order)
BestCare/Therapy Plan
Certificate of Vision Impairment
Hospital Discharge Notes/Forms
Letters from Consultants to GP Describing Effects
Medical Diary
Nutrition Plan
Prescription List
Summary Medical Record (from GP)
Statement from Carer
Statement from GP or Other Medical Professional
Test/Assessment Result(s)
Medical Treatment Plan
BetterMedical Aid Assessment(s)
Exercise Plan
Statement from Relative or Friend (non carer)
GoodList of Actual Medications and Treatments
Claimant’s Personal Statement About Their Condition’s Effects

Appointment letters are not suitable as supporting evidence to submit to DWP, but can be useful to help identify conditions and dates of when conditions began and were they were diagnosed. Supporting evidence is in addition to bringing the following to the form-filling appointment:

  • PIP claim form (sent by DWP using the post)
  • The addressed and postage-paid return envelope
  • Name, job title, address and phone number of GP and other medical or social work professionals who know most about the claimant’s conditions
  • List of medical conditions/disabilities
  • List of medications and other treatments.

Additionally, try to make sure the following are available at the form-filling appointment if they exist and can be found:

  • Copies of previously completed PIP claim and PIP review forms
  • PIP decision, mandatory reconsideration (MR) and award notices
  • Outcomes of any previous appeals
  • And other correspondence from DWP.

If there has been an appeal related to a previous PIP claim, include those documents in the supporting evidence. Do not assume the DWP will obtain documents from other people, organisations, or other government departments.

If a friend, relative or carer is able to attend the form-filling appointment, they may be able to help provide additional perspectives on how a person’s conditions affects them.