Watch the video summary and read the notes below. Step 3 is a meeting between the claimant and the benefit advisor jointly completing the PIP claim form using the diary information, supporting evidence and discussion of the effects of the claimant’s conditions. The completed signed form and the supporting evidence are usually posted back to DWP immediately after the appointment.

3a. Pre-requisites

If the diary was completed online in step 2, the advisor should extract and possibly print the submitted data prior to the meeting. If the claimant is using the digital camera have a suitable transfer cable available if they agrree to the files being copied, perhaps to a computer with a larger screen, or for printing.

3b. Identify documents and information

Check the claimant has brought:

  • PIP2 claim form and return envelope
  • Supporting evidence (at least the items indicated previously already existed, plus whether there is anything extra)
  • PIP Kit diary components.

3c. Assisted form-filling

Discuss each section of the PIP form like a normal assisted form-filling appointment, but use the diary materials where appropriate to help start and extend the discussion, for example:

  • I see last week was worse than the week before, what happened?
  • This card indicates you miss medications quite often… what causes that?
  • How does this pattern compare with the previous couple of months?
  • What help with medications did you receive on the days without a problem?
  • Why did you take these particular photos of your bathroom?
  • Is that a seat inside your shower? How do you get on and off it?
  • You took a picture of a staircase… where is that in relation to your bedroom and bathroom?

These questions are not directly trying to provide explicit answers to assessed activities, but rather help the claimant describe their lived experience of their health conditions and disabilities, which should assist the advisor in understanding and drafting responses to discuss, change and agree with the claimant.

Once each question has been completed and supporting evidence sorted, consider whether photocopying any of the PIP Kit diary materials might also be useful to include as evidence so that, if necessary, they can be referenced. Remember to add the claimant’s name and national insurance number to any loose sheets included with the form.

Once the claimant has read, understood and signed the declaration, consider making copies asking the claimant if they want one, and whether one can be kept by the advisor.

3d. Post form and supporting evidence

Unless there is missing supporting evidence, which is to be added later, the form will usually be posted immediately. Use the addressed envelope provided, checking the address is shown correctly through the window.

The claimant should hear from DWP in a few weeks whether they need to attend an assessment or if a decision has been made without an assessment.

Step-by-Step Guide: 1. Initiation | 2. Diary Completion | 3. Form-Filling