Watch the video summary and read the notes below. Step 2 covers the time period running up to the form-filling appointment with an advisor. The claimant is recording information every day in the diary. This period is also for gathering together documents, and obtaining further supporting evidence. The claimant should also receive the claim form by post from the DWP if they did not have it already.

2a. Pre-requisites

The actions on this page are mainly for claimants only, apart from the activity of sending of reminders. It assumes the Initiation step has been completed.

2b. Daily records

The claimant should complete the PIP Kit diary once/day for each of the 2-4 modules (questions). This will be either using the dedicated online form answering yes or no to each question, or by sticking dots on the paper cards to record the situation that day.

Some claimants may want or prefer to be reminded to complete the daily diary. If this is supported and was agreed by the client, these reminders will need to be scheduled daily for the whole period of diary completion.

2c. Photographs

For claimants who take photographs as part of the diary, these are one-offs and can be taken at any time. More than one view of a room or aid can be helpful. The camera should have been fully charged at the initial meeting, so there should be adequate battery life, but the claimant can recharge the device if needed.

2d. Supporting evidence

The claimant’s existing relevant evidence and other documents should be gathered together by the claimant if not already done so. Anything extra which was suggested during the discussion in step 1 would be useful should be obtained, if possible by the claimant – this may mean they need to visit their GP or speak with some other health or social worker.

2e. Appointment booking and reminder

If not already booked, the claimant should contact the advisor once they have received their paper claim form to arrange the form-filling appointment. It is useful to send some sort of reminder a few days before the date by whatever method the claimant prefers.

On the appointment day, the claimant takes the completed PIP Kit diary, including the camera) together with the gathered supporting evidence to the assisted Form-Filling meeting with the advisor.

Step-by-Step Guide: 1. Initiation | 2. Diary Completion | 3. Form-Filling