We have tried to answer some common queries about PIP Kit below. Please use the response form on the Contact Us page if you have other questions, or think we could explain these or other aspects better.

Advisors and Claimants

What are the benefits for claimants of using PIP Kit?

PIP Kit helps generate better source information for the form-filling appointment. It was found to be a more pleasant experience. It helps empower claimants in understanding the claim process, reduces the apparent initial complexity, helps them understand the focus on the effects of their conditions rather than the conditions themselves, and contributes to being better prepared and attending the form-filling appointment.

What are the benefits for advisors of using PIP Kit?

PIP Kit contributes to fuller sharing and revealing of relevant information during the form-filling appointment, which assists building better arguments for the claim, making the support process more efficient.

An existing recipient of PIP (or DLA) has been asked to complete a new claim form. Can PIP Kit still be used?

Yes. PIP Kit can help inform the discussion to complete the claim form regardless of whether it is a completely new claim, or a review, or being asked to move from Disability Living Allowance (DLA). If a claim has been made before, it can be useful to refer to previous claims, decision notices and other correspondence (such as the outcome of an appeal)

Can PIP Kit be used with someone who already has the claim form?

Ideally it is good to have the 3-4 week period between requesting the paper claim form from DWP and the form-filling appointment date, to complete the diary and gather supporting evidence. In practice some people will already have the form when they ask for help, and this might be near the deadline to return the form. But even a week of PIP Kit diary data can be helpful, so try to do this. It is usually possibly to call DWP on their enquiry line to ask for a deadline extension of up to two weeks, so that might increase the opportunity to make time for preparations, and this should improve the quality of information presented, to the claimant’s benefit.

Can claimants use PIP Kit themselves?

Absolutely. Although PIP Kit was devised to be used to help collect information for the meeting and discussion to fill in a PIP claim form with someone else like an advisor, claimants can certainly use PIP Kit themselves if they feel it might be useful. Also consider using the alternative diary formats listed in the margin, and reading guidance on completing the form.

Diary Components

Why don’t the available PIP Kit components match the sections or questions on the PIP claim form?

PIP Kit does not intend to capture data that exactly matches any particular question. Instead it intends to capture information that will aid the subsequent form-filling discussion, in a format that is unlike the claim form itself – the diary is shorter, simpler and less wordy. There is nothing to prevent people making notes about or drafting wording to specific answers, and some of the alternative PIP diaries use this approach. Please choose what suits best.

Do I have to include a camera with every PIP Kit?

We found that photographs were particularly helpful to start conversations, especially regarding use of aids or more embarrassing topics like washing or using the toilet. Using a camera with on-device storage only, which is separate to anyone’s own camera or smartphone, isolates the information from other private photos and can add to a sense of ownership and control by the claimant. But it is possible some people might be happy to, or even prefer to, use their own photographic device. Film-based cameras are less useful unless the image can be printed directly for immediate use.


What do I need to prepare in advance of using PIP Kit?

The Materials page lists everything you need. You can also read the Step-by-Step Guide pages and watch the videos on those. You could also practice the initial discussion and making up of the personal PIP Kit with a colleague to gain confidence.

What happens if I cannot print/make everything?

The Materials page explains some alternative options.