Advisor-Assisted PIP Form-Filling

The process to initiate a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) typically begins with a telephone call to register with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It is also possible to register by writing to DWP and request a paper “PIP1 form” instead of making the telephone call.

The DWP will request name, contact details, date of birth and national insurance number, undertake some preliminary eligibility checks (age, duration of health condition or disability, residency, housing situation, periods abroad) and take details of the most relevant health worker(s) such as doctor/general practitioner and bank account.

Diagram of the PIP process from registering through to award, change of circumstances, award reviews and end of award from information provided at, and showing the main events undertaken by citizens and the DWP, and also how advisor can assist with the initial registration phone call and the completion of the PIP2 form
Key Steps in Making an Advisor-Assisted PIP Claim, excluding mandatory reconsiderations, appeals, and DLA migrations, and based on a DWP diagram of the “customer journey for normal rules claims”

Provided the checks are passed, the DWP will send the “PIP2 form” titled “How your disability affects you” which is also available in other formats (e.g. braille, large print or audio CD). This has to be completed and returned within a month, although it is possible to call the dedicated “PIP enquiry line” to request an extension if more time is needed.

Due to the complexity of the form and process, difficulties cauased by people’s own conditions, and/or the significance of gaining or losing the benefit, many claimants seek help to complete the form. They may approach Citizens Advice (as suggested by DWP), disability support charities, mental health charities, or benefit advisors in other local organisations.

Advisors may assist with the initial registration telephone call (see diagram above), or claimants may do this themselves and then seek help after receiving the printed claim form. It should be noted that some existing PIP (or DLA) beneficiaries are also sent the form directly by the DWP without requesting it as part of a review.

PIP Kit is designed to be used during the period between making the initial registration telephone call to DWP, and at the appointment with an advisor to help complete and return the form. This is typically 3-4 weeks, but if the claimant already has the form, the period could be much shorter.

Later stages of the claim process such as assessment, decsisions, mandatory reconsiderations, appeals and change of circumstances are not within the scope of PIP Kit.