PIP Kit is a diary toolkit to help Personal Independence Payment claimants and their advisors

Work together on the PIP claim

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a UK welfare benefit currently helping 2.4 million adult citizens (March 2020) with the additional costs of living with a mental or physical disability or other long-term health condition. The benefit is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Making a claim or undertaking a PIP review, requires the completion of a lengthy paper form with numerous complicated questions, in turn reflecting complicated and ever-changing award rules. The completed form has to be posted back to the DWP with any relevant supporting evidence the claimant can provide or obtain. This may lead to a face-to-face assessment before the decision is made. The process is stressful and claimants recognise the significance of form-completion, seeking help from benefits, care, health and social-work professionals.

To address this we developed PIP Kit, a toolkit of components which advisors can select and make up into a customised diary for use by a claimant to prepare for the subsequent assisted form-filling appointment.

We found that using PIP Kit can make the claim process less stressful, help engagement, facilitate discussion of difficult or embarrassing topics and increase the provision of supporting evidence. These improve the accuracy and quality of the answers and reduce appointment no-shows contributing to making better claims.

Supporting Evidence

Help claimants more easily identify relevant supporting evidence to bring to the form-filling appointment with the benefits advisor

Lived Experience

Collect diary information that demonstrates how long-term health conditions and disabilities affect daily living and mobility

Collaborative Claim

Use the materials to facilitate discussions between the claimant and benefit advisor helping to complete the PIP claim form

How the free-to-use PIP Kit works

Step-by-step guide

Source: Official Statistics, Personal Independence Payment, gov.uk 13 December 2019 and Stat-Xplore for year to Sept 2019

PIP in numbers


Registrations per month (both new claims and reassessments)


New claims award rate (normal rules, excluding withdrawn claims)


Claimants receiving one component at enhanced rate


Most common review period specified in award decision

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